100 Years Ago: Memorial Service for Clayton and Isaac Pickell, Results of Tag Day, David Ketcheson Returning, Notice to Veterans of Parade, Poster for War Savings Certificates, Ad for Gillette Safety Razor

The Intelligencer June 30, 1917 (page 1)

“Memorial Service. At St. Thomas Church tomorrow evening a memorial service will be held for two brothers, who have fallen in battle, namely Privates Clayton and Isaac Pickell, whose widowed mother resides on Pinnacle Street. The Rector, Ven. Archdeacon Beamish will officiate.”

[Private Clayton Pickell died on May 24, 1916. He is commemorated on Page 148 of the First World War Book of Remembrance.]

[Private Isaac Joseph Pickell died on June 2, 1916. He is commemorated on Page 148 of the First World War Book of Remembrance.]

The Intelligencer June 30, 1917 (page 1)

“Soldiers’ Tag Day. Tag Day for the returned soldiers was successful in every way. The ladies of the Daughter of the Empire undertook in this way to raise funds to furnish the club rooms of the Great War Veterans’ Association and a very liberal response was given by the citizens. From early this morning a number of young ladies have been busy disposing of the tags with their patriotic emblem of a Canadian soldier backed by the Union Jack and a substantial sum will be realized.”

The Intelligencer June 30, 1917 (page 1)

“Lieut. David Vandewater Ketcheson, M.C., who went over to the front with the 21st Battalion, as a private, and won his promotion on the field, and was afterwards severely wounded on Vimy Ridge in a trench raid, February 22nd of this year, is returning home on a two months’ leave and is expected to arrive in Belleville Sunday night or Monday morning. Lieut. Ketcheson is a son of His Worship, Mayor Ketcheson, of this city.”

The Intelligencer June 30, 1917 (page 2)

“Veterans, Attention! There will be a Parade to Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Confederation. The Parade will form at the Armouries at 9.45 Monday, July 2nd.

Veterans of 65.-6, 85, the South African war and present war are particularly requested to attend wearing their medals. Also all other Veterans of the Army and Navy who have participated in any engagements with the British Army or Navy. It is desired also to have all Cadets in attendance. E. D. O’Flynn, Lieut. Col., Commanding 15th Regt. C. D. F.”

The Intelligencer June 30, 1917 (page 4)

“Save the Food and Serve the Empire! The Average Canadian Family Wastes Enough to Feed a Soldier.

Intelligent economy in the kitchen can do much to prevent the threatened world famine—can counteract the effect of high prices—and can replace growing debt with systematic saving.

You’ll be helping to relieve the food shortage—saving your own money—and putting yourself in a position to buy Canadian War Savings Certificates and help win the war. The National Service Board of Canada, Ottawa.”

The Intelligencer June 30, 1917 (page 10)

“Gillette. Are You Using the Razor Chosen by the Allied Armies? Only proven efficiency survives in this war. Men, weapons and equipment must make good beyond question—or go to the scrap heap. A year’s active service is a sterner test than a decade of peace!

Gillette Safety Razor Co. of Canada, Limited. No Stropping. No Honing.”