100 Years Ago: 15th Regiment Boys Answer the Call

The Intelligencer August 23, 1914 (page 1)

Men of the 15th Regiment line up by the Griffin Opera House on the Belleville Armoury parade square.

“Hundreds of citizens of all ranks gathered at the Armouries at the noon hour to bid the boys adieu …   each member of the contingent was called and presented by Mrs. Col. Marsh with a sovereign piece the gift of the city. They were also given $4 each, the gift of the officers of the regiment. …  The ladies of the Daughters of the Empire presented to each volunteer sandwiches for the trip to Valcartier. Before leaving the parade ground at the Armouries the volunteers were lined up and a photograph of them was taken. …

The crowd that gathered at the station to see the boys off packed the platform on all sides. Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sweethearts, showing evidence of sorrow, one mother, who must look after two little grandchildren, bearing up nobly under the strain.

Men of the 15th Regiment pictured in front of the Hotel Quinte, Belleville leaving for Valcartier

The scene as the volunteers marched to the station, was pathetic, yet heart-thrilling, the bagpipes playing a Scotch air, tears flowing, hats waving, others shouting, and then came the entrainment – the shaking of hands through the car windows, the boys bearing up bravely under the trying ordeal. The last good-bye was spoken, and the train moved away.”