100 Years Ago: Women’s Institute Holds Patriotic Event

The Intelligencer August 28, 1914 (page 7)

“Brilliantly lighted, with flags, bunting and pennants displayed in profusion, the West Side Playground presented a pleasing sight last evening, which, with frequent music by the Fifteenth Regiment Band, under the leadership of E.R. Hinchey, and the demonstrations of St. Michael’s Cadet Bugle Corps, made up one of the patriotic events of the season.

Selling booths had been placed about the grounds, all well patronized, candy, ice cream and other luxuries answering the call of all. …  In the pavilion, which was prettily decorated, the school children gave excellent drills under the direction of Miss Woodley. Fully five hundred were upon the grounds, and the receipts, for the benefit of the Soldiers’ Fund, were most satisfactory, amounting to $75 or more.”