100 Years Ago: Belleville Council Grants $200 to 15th Regiment

The Intelligencer December 31, 1914 (page 1)

“Final Meeting of City Council for Year 1914. Col. Marsh, commanding officer of the regiment, addressed the Council. The regiment had responded to the two calls for volunteers and they had already gone to the front. …  Recruiting for the third contingent was now necessary and the expense was great. For the third contingent it would be necessary to go outside of the city to procure recruits and the expense would be considerable. … Capt. A.P. Allen said that …  We can only secure men by scouring the country and this meant expense, and there are no funds in the regimental treasury to meet it. …  A motion prevailed that the sum of $200 be granted to the 15th Regiment for the purpose of assisting in the mobilisation of the third contingent.”