100 Years Ago: Miss Geen’s Christmas, Madoc Patriotic League

The Intelligencer January 13, 1915 (page 7)

“Editor Daily Intelligencer, Dear Sir:– I enclose herewith a letter which we have just received from my brother-in-law in England. …  We also received a letter from my brother, Fred, who is in the 2nd Battery, also, and there was something in it which might interest your readers. …  he spent Christmas in the hospital, and the strange part of it was that the nurse who attended him was Miss Geen from this city. …

He speaks very highly of the care he received, especially from Miss Geen and he states that she went to considerable trouble to decorate their room for Christmas and that Christmas morning General Alderson paid a visit to the hospital and complimented Miss Geen for her efforts. …  Yours very truly, H. Wallace.”

The Intelligencer January 13, 1915 (page 8)

“Madoc. Jan. 12.–At the largest and most enthusiastic meeting in this village of ladies from here and Madoc Township and Elzevir, a Madoc Woman’s Patriotic League was formed and the following ladies elected to office: Hon. Pres.–Mrs. (Dr.) Dafoe. President–Mrs. Fraser Aylesworth. Secretary–Mrs. Will Cross. Treasurer–Mrs. (Dr.) Harper. Vice Pres.–Mrs. James Whylock, and a large representative executive committee.

A nice sum of money was readily raised and from now on the ladies here will be very busy providing comforts for the needs of the soldiers.”