100 Years Ago: Christmas Dinner Overseas

The Intelligencer January 18, 1915 (page 1)

“Mrs. O’Flynn received a cable from Captain O’Flynn this morning stating that all of the men were well; that they continued to work steadily, and were waiting patiently to be led to the front.

Letters were also received describing Christmas. He was one of the committee who procured the supplies for the men’s Christmas dinner. A splendid dinner was served to the men and a very enjoyable concert given under the auspices of the Y.M.C.A. The boys were cheerful but many of them had a lonesome look and the Captain said one could see that their thoughts were far away across the sea.

At the dinner of the officers in the evening the toast “To the loved ones at home” was very impressive and the description is a splendid one. The Christmas mail did not all reach the camp and a large quantity could not be delivered in time and was held at Salisbury. The Belleville boys are cheerful; in good spirits and standing together.”