100 Years Ago: Military Display at Ketcheson’s, Flour to Belgium

The Intelligencer January 22, 1915 (page 2)

“The north window of Messrs. Ketcheson & Earle’s store on Front street is attracting much interest and attention just at present. It may justly be termed a “military window,” and some of the articles displayed are both antique and unique. In the centre is the celebrated British recruiting poster sent to Col. Ponton by his son, Lieut. R.D. Ponton, who is at present at Salisbury Plain, Eng. An old Snider rifle, used during the Fenian Raid is to be seen, and beside it is the modern Ross rifle of today. …  Epaulettes and spurs used in warfare in the olden days are to be seen. A 16-pound shell, as proposed to be manufactured in this city, and an old 60-pounder are certainly some size compared with shells used years ago. …  Some old swords and bayonets are also displayed. …  These most interesting articles, which make such a grand display at the present time, are the property of Col. Ponton, of this city, and it is needless to say, are highly prized by him.”

The Intelligencer January 22, 1915 (page 3)

“List of Contributions From Belleville Sunday Schools to the Belgian Flour Fund. The flour has been shipped to Montreal and will be forwarded to Halifax sailing from there for Belgium about the last of this month. It is being looked after by Hon. R. Dandurand, President of the Belgium Relief Committee, and is assured careful attention. …  Purchased 275 bags of flour, 26950 lbs. $885.00.”