100 Years Ago: Canning Factory Preparations

The Intelligencer February 11, 1915 (page 2)

“Enlisting continues, and within the past few days a number of new recruits have been added to the 15th and 49th Regiments. The work of clearing out the canning factory premises on Pinnacle St., which will be used for mobilization purposes, continues. Upwards of 25,000 cases of canned goods have been removed and today the removing of empty cases, empty cans and parts of packing cases was completed. The building is now in readiness for the preparation of the soldiers.

The ground floor of the Canning factory will be utilized for the dining room, and some 30 feet at the south will be partitioned off for a kitchen. The second and third floors will be utilized for sleeping apartments. Bunks are being prepared and plumbers are at present engaged in placing in lavatories and bath rooms. When completed the interior will be in an excellent condition for the men.”

Belleville Canning Factory (CABHC: HC03067 B20)