100 Years Ago: Madoc Armoury Opens, Deseronto Bids Colonel Rathbun Farewell, Quinte I.O.D.E. Gives Vote of Thanks

The Intelligencer February 15, 1915 (pages 1, 8)

“Auspicious Opening of the Madoc Armouries. …  The armoury is a very neat, imposing, brick building, and speaks volumes for the contractor Mr. Lucius E. Allen, of Belleville. The building, which is a large one, was packed to the doors with about 1,000 people.

Sharp on the stipulated time, Dr. Harper, Reeve of the village, called the gathering to order. Seated on the platform were Major-General Hon. Sam Hughes, Hon. J.C. Doherty, Sir Mackenzie Bowell, W.B. Northrup, K.C., M.P., Robt. Cooke, M.P.P., Lt.-Col. Ketcheson, 49th Regt., Ex-Mayor Wills. …  Dr. Harper …  welcomed the very large crowd, as this was possibly the most important meeting that had been held in Madoc.

He then read an address of welcome to Major-General Hughes …  On behalf of the municipalities in Madoc Township and Madoc Village we desire to express to you our sense of the great honor conferred upon us by your visit to this locality at a time when you are undergoing many duties and great responsibilities. …  We also wish on this occasion to express to you, and to the other members of the Government our great appreciation for this splendid armoury which you have erected here and which you are doing us the honor of formally opening. It is a building which we trust will be used for the Arts of peace as well as for Arts of war, and in the years to come we have no doubt but that it will be a valuable adjunct to the life of this community. …

During the afternoon the speeches were interspersed with splendid music from the 49th Regimental Band. The singing of ‘God Save the King,’ and three cheers for the King, General Hughes and Sir Mackenzie Bowell brought this very pleasant and successful event to a close.”

The Intelligencer February 15, 1915 (page 3)

“Farewell to Colonel Rathbun. At Deseronto, on Saturday night the opera house was filled with an enthusiastic audience of well-wishers to Col. Rathbun and his gallant comrades, who are going to the front with the guns of the 6th Brigade. An address was presented by those associated with him from boyhood, and patriotic music by local talent, led by Mr. Hercher Aylesworth—a host in himself—stirred all present.

Colonel Ponton, of Belleville, carried the greetings of the Bay of Quinte District and comrades-in-arms west of Deseronto, and congratulated both the gallant Colonel and the Town on having the honor of furnishing a commander of a Brigade, which General Lessard has pronounced one of the best ever inspected in the whole Dominion in organization, spirit and efficiency.

A bountiful supper was served at the close and another of Canada’s soldier sons left for the post of duty.”

The Intelligencer February 15, 1915 (page 7)

“Passed Vote of Thanks. At the annual meeting of the Quinte Chapter of the Daughters of Empire, held on Friday afternoon, February 12th, the ladies passed a hearty vote of thanks to the business firms whose generosity made it possible to open a tea-room and conduct it successfully for a month, without expense.

The Ritchie Co. most generously offered the Chapter the use of the millinery department, and the courtesy and interest of the firm and employees were greatly appreciated. The Trenton Electric Co. installed and loaned an electric range, and donated the electricity; Mr. W.B. Riggs loaned a victrola and records, Stroud Bros. dishes; Tickle & Sons, and Thompson Furniture Co., chairs and tables.

The Chapter was most grateful for the interest shown by a number of ladies of the first six concessions of Sidney, who very kindly donated a quantity of homemade cookery, which was sold, the amount realized being nearly fifty dollars.

The Chapter desires to thank those patrons of the tea-room who so generously gave donations of money, thus adding so materially to the financial success of the undertaking, also the press, which made frequent mention of the tea-room without charge.”

[Note:  See also the article from January 12, 1915 about the opening of the I.O.D.E. tea room.]