100 Years Ago: Foreigners Interned in Belleville

The Intelligencer March 2, 1915 (page 2)

“Eleven Foreigners Are Interned in Belleville. Ten Men and One Woman Comprise the Party. …  Yesterday afternoon it came to the ears of the military authorities of this city, that a number of foreigners who had been employed at the Cement Works at Point Ann, were about to leave the city owing to the fact that the cement works were closed down and had been closed down for some weeks.

These foreigners comprised Hungarians, Austrians and others who were formerly residents of countries who are at war with Great Britain and other allies. …  Five were apprehended at the G.T.R. station and six at the C.N.O.R. station. They were taken in charge and escorted to the police station, where they were detained, nominally on the charge of leaving the country without the proper passports. …  Three of them at least were anxious to remain in Canada, and all of the men stated that they were by no means friendly to Germany in the present conflict.”

[Note: G.T.R. = Grand Trunk Railway;  C.N.O.R. = Canadian Northern Railway]