100 Years Ago: Banquet for 49th Hastings Officers

The Intelligencer March 6, 1915 (page 1)

“It was a thoughtful and most generous act on the part of Col. W.G. Ketcheson, the popular commanding officer of the 49th Hastings Regiment, when at Hotel Quinte last night he tendered a complimentary banquet to seven officers of his regiment who have volunteered as members of the second and third overseas contingents. Two officers, namely Capt. J.H. Mills and Lieut. A.P. Miller, are in the second contingent, and those on the honor roll of the 3rd contingent are Major A.E. Bywater, Capt. R. Vandervoort, Capt. J.L. McLean, Lieut. H.B. McConnell, Lieut. G.E.G. Craig, and Lieut. W.W. Wallace. All were present and occupied seats together at the head of the table.

The spread provided by mine host Mr. J.V. Jenkins, was all that could have been desired, and it was faultlessly served. It is needless to state that all did justice to the fine spread provided.

The menu was as follows: MENU. Oyster Cocktail, Queen Olives, Celery, Cream of Tomatoes, Filet of Halibut au Vin Blanc, Sliced Cucumbers, Pommes Anna, Sweetbreads a la Toulouse, Saratoga Chips, Young Stuffed Turkey, Cranberry Sauce, Mashed Potatoes, Asparagus, Black Duck, Currant Jelly, Fried Hominy, Steamed English Plum Pudding, Brandy Sauce, Neapolitan Ice Cream, Assorted Cakes, Mixed Fruit, Cheese, Cafe Noir.

Whilst supper was being partaken of an inspiring programme of music was furnished by the Sills Orchestra. The selections were much enjoyed. At the conclusion of the repast the first toast proposed was that of ‘The King.’ The National Anthem was sung by the company.”