100 Years Ago: Belleville Patriotic Association Update

The Intelligencer March 13, 1915 (page 2)

“Belleville Patriotic Association. 113 citizens of Belleville have each made one or more individual contributions, ranging from $200 to 50¢ each. Included in this list are 25 citizens, who have promised regular payments each month as long as the war lasts; and one citizen who promised regular monthly contributions for a stated number of months.

In addition to the above list of 113 citizens, there are 52 groups of contributers, comprising Brotherhoods, Lodges, Fraternities, Societies, Entertainment Committees, Church Associations, Employees of Railways, of Mercantile Houses, and of banks, officers in the Government Service, Woman’s Clubs, Staffs of Colleges and of Schools, Companies, etc., who have each made contributions ranging from $516., down to $5.00. Ten of these groups have promised regular monthly contributions as long as the war lasts. A good many of the 113 Citizens above mentioned are also contributing through the Lodges, Societies, Associations.

There is still, however, a large portion of Belleville’s population of 11,000 who have not yet signified what they intend to contribute to the Patriotic Fund.”