100 Years Ago: Patriotic Campaign a Success, 39th Battalion Concert, Sidney Campaign

The Intelligencer March 27, 1915 (page 1)

“Patriotic Campaign Workers Entertained. Grand Spread Provided by the Ladies. …  Col. Lazier said he was delighted to say a few words on behalf of the ladies who had provided the repast. He congratulated all the teams on the canvass, and the measure of success they had achieved. $30,000 was the amount aimed at in this campaign, but upwards of $37,000 had been obtained. …  Reports from the various captains of the teams of the money collected were then presented …  Each captain referred in complimentary terms to the members of their committee, who had done grand work in the campaign.”

The Intelligencer March 27, 1915 (page 2)

“The soldier boys of the 39th spent another merry concert evening in the Battalion Mess Room last night. …  To the onlooker the most impressive feature of the gathering last night was the spirit of absolute loyalty and good-will which existed between the officers and the men. …  No less than three times during the evening the shout was raised, ‘Three cheers for the Colonel,’ to be followed by cheers of the true British type, such as shook the ‘china’ on the mess room shelves. Further cheers were given in general for the officers. The present spirit of the Battalion certainly augers well for its future.”

The Intelligencer March 27, 1915 (page 2)

“Last night at the Old Stone Church in Sidney, which accommodates over 400 people a crowded audience listened to a varied programme of vocal and instrumental music and to stirring addresses by Colonel W.N. Ponton, Mr. H.F. Ketcheson, Mr. N. Vermilyea, (Ex-Warden of the County) and Reverend Mr. Sharpe, in connection with the Patriotic, Red Cross Funds, and Recruiting. …  The Sidney campaign promises to be a strong one.

The death of Sergeant Herman of the 49th Regiment, the first Sidney boy to fall in the trenches, was feelingly referred to by the speakers.”