100 Years Ago: Women’s Military Boots, War Correspondent Gives Lecture

The Intelligencer April 3, 1915 (page 3)

“The New Military Boots for Women. Laced or Button, Sand, Battleship Grey and Taupe. $4.00. $5.00. See them in the Windows. Advanced Spring Styles await your inspection. …  W.H. Adams, The Shoeman.”

The Intelligencer April 3, 1915 (page 8)

“War! War! Mr. S.N. Dancey, Canadian War Correspondent who has just returned from the Front will deliver an Illustrated Lecture in Griffin Opera House, Monday Evening, April 5, 1915. Mr. Dancey has over 200 Lantern Slides depicting many of his most thrilling experiences. Don’t miss a real genuine treat. ADMISSION—Reserved

Seats 50 and 35 cts. General 25 cts. A share of the proceeds will go to the Patriotic Advertisement for W H  Adams Boots, Intelligencer, April 3, 1915Fund.”

War War Intelligencer April 3, 1915