100 Years Ago: Second Battle of Ypres

The Intelligencer April 24, 1915 (page 1)

“Brilliant Charge by Canadian Troops. Canadians Fall Back and Lose Four Guns, But Recapture Them After Brilliant Advance—Many Prisoners Taken. (Canadian Press Special) London, April 24.—The war office has given out the following: ‘The fight for ground in which the Germans penetrated between Steenstraate and Langemarck still continues. The loss of this part of the line laid bare the left of the Canadian division, which was forced to fall back in order to keep in touch with the right of neighboring troops.

In the rear of the latter there had been four Canadian 4.7 inch guns, which thus passed into the hands of the enemy; but some hours later the Canadians made a most brilliant and successful advance, recapturing these guns and taking a considerable number of German prisoners, including the Colonel.

The Canadians had many casualties but their gallantry and determination undoubtedly saved the situation. Their conduct has been magnificent throughout.”