100 Years Ago: Mess Dinner at Quinte Hotel

The Intelligencer May 14, 1915 (page 3)

“An exceedingly pleasant evening was spent at the Quinte Hotel last Quinte Hotel in Belleville, ca. 1908night at a ‘Mess Dinner’ given by Col. Preston and the officers of the 39th Battalion, now stationed in this city awaiting orders to join their comrades who are doing brave and noble work in the trenches at Ypres, in Belgium, in defence of the Empire.

The Colonel and officers had extended invitations to a number of our leading citizens, many of whom had served in the Volunteer force of Canada, who could and did wear long service medals. …  After the sumptuous repast, provided by the genial host of the Quinte, had been disposed of, the toast of the King was proposed and received in true British style. …  Sir Mackenzie Bowell, in a few words, proposed the health, and a long and valiant future for the Colonel and officers of the 39th Battalion, coupled with the hope that all might return from the conflict in health, covered with glory. …  The gathering separated after singing the National Anthem, highly pleased with the evening’s entertainment.”