100 Years Ago: Ad for Victoria Day, Five Soldiers Recover from Meningitis

The Intelligencer May 20, 1915 (page 2)Victoria Day Citizen's Celebration1

“Victoria Day Monday, May 24th. Citizens’ Celebration and Farewell to the 39th Battalion, C.E.F. Military Field Day, Mobilization of the Cadet Corps of the District. Sports, Races, Baseball. Belleville Driving Park 2 p.m. Parade From Market Square 1.30 p.m. God Save the King.”

The Intelligencer May 20, 1915 (page 2)

“Five Recover From Meningitis. Very encouraging news was received this morning from the spinal meningitis cases. For some time there have been seven cases in the local hospital and for the last couple of days five of these patients have been able to be walking about and today they will be allowed passes and leave. …  These men are Privates McDinnick, Beard, Milberry, Scruver and Murray.

There have been no outbreak of any new cases for some time, and no carriers have been discovered for the last ten days. Apparently this epidemic is completely obliterated. Out of the 80 carriers, who were at one time at the exhibition camp, the number has dwindled down to 30.”