100 Years Ago: Ladies’ Patriotic and Red Cross Society Appeal, Victoria Day Observed

The Intelligencer May 25, 1915 (page 2)

“An Appeal By the Ladies’ Patriotic and Red Cross Society of Belleville. …  Boxes of Hospital supplies have been sent to the Queen’s Hospital at Shorncliffe and to the 2nd Canadian Expeditionary Hospital at Le Touquet, France, and another is about ready to be sent to the Toronto University Hospital. …

The funds raised by the entertainment in the Armouries and by contribution from members and others is exhausted, and if the Society is to continue its good work more money is required at once. The executive, after full consideration, has decided to make an appeal to the citizens for contributions to the funds of the Society, feeling sure of a generous response considering the great and growing necessity caused by the thousands of our wounded soldiers streaming back from the battle line maimed and invalided, and it was decided to make the appeal through the churches.

The clergymen of all denominations on Sunday last brought the matter before the members of their congregations. It is proposed to place envelopes in the pews of all the churches so that the contributions can be made on Sunday next, May thirtieth, at both services. All contributions will be acknowledged through the daily papers.”

The Intelligencer May 25, 1915 (page 2)

“Victoria Day was fittingly commemorated in this city. Taking advantage of the 39th Battalion being in the city it was decided to have a military parade and sports at the Agricultural Park, the proceeds of which were to be devoted to the 39th Battalion funds. …  there was a hearty response by the citizens who gathered at the grounds in large numbers.

At 1:30 p.m. a parade was formed led by the 39th Battalion Band. It was composed of the 39th Battalion, being 1,000 strong, the 15th Regiment Band and the Cadets of the High School, Queen Mary, Queen Victoria, Queen Alexandra and St. Michael’s Schools. …  The line of march was up Pinnacle street, down Victoria Avenue to Front Street, to West Bridge Street and thence to the Park. The streets were lined by spectators during the march.

Upon arrival on the ground the troops formed up—the 39th on the right and the High School Cadets and 8th (Queen Mary School) Cadets on the left …  Accompanied by his A.D.C., Col. Sir Mackenzie Bowell repaired to the saluting base immediately opposite the grand stand, when the Battalion marched past in columns of platoons. …  Col. Preston on behalf of the 39th Battalion, thanked Sir Mackenzie for his kind words of encouragement. The members of the Battalion were then dismissed and a programme of sports was carried out.”