100 Years Ago: 39th Battalion Officers Entertained, Gifts for Toronto University Hospital

The Intelligencer June 19, 1915 (page 3)

“Daughters of Empire Entertain Officers. About one hundred attended the At Home given by the Argyll Chapter of the Daughters of the Empire to the officers of the 39th Battalion, last evening. The scarlet and khaki uniforms mixed with the exquisite evening gowns of the ladies, made a brilliant scene. There were also many civilians in evening dress. The young people entertained themselves in the lecture room, and the remainder amused themselves in various ways. …

At a little after eleven o’clock light refreshments were served, consisting of cake, coffee, ice cream, lemonade and sandwiches. Following that a purse of gold was presented by Mrs. (Col.) Marsh, in a very pleasing manner, in which she said: ‘Col. Preston and officers of the 39th Battalion: we are very happy to have you here as our guests to-night. The Argyll Chapter is one that deals entirely with military events. We offered our services to manage the canteen recreation room and were always ready to do a service. We will send a box of socks to the regiment to-morrow, and will send boxes of field comforts periodically to the men. I am sure, Colonel, that when you accept this token from the Argyle Chapter of the Daughters of the Empire, you publicly accept what many a man has had a divorce for—the sincere love of every member of the Chapter.’

Col. Preston in replying on behalf of the officers of the Battalion, said:—’Mrs. Marsh, Officers, ladies and gentlemen, it pleases me to remark that the Argyll Chapter was the first to volunteer their services as a whole. We have greatly appreciated the many services of the ladies of Belleville, and can only say that I thank them from my heart. …  When we leave Belleville it will be hard to appreciate the fact that we are on active service, and many will leave their hearts in Belleville.’ ”

The Intelligencer June 19, 1915 (page 7)

“Useful Gifts. The ‘For-get-me-not’ circle wish to thank the members of the Ivanhoe Women’s Institute, who have sent through their president, Mrs. D.L. Fleming, to Mrs. Blagrave, the following beautiful bale:—10 white flannelette nightshirts, 15 gray flannel shirts, 35 pairs of socks, 3 dozen bandages, 1 doz. handkerchiefs, 4 lbs. absorbent. The Circle completed the box yesterday by the addition of: 300 machine rolled bandages, 100 gauze and absorbent dressings in cases, …  350 mouth cloths (contributed by Trent Road Circle) 19 triangular bandages. …

The box will be sent from the Red Cross and Patriotic Association of Belleville to the Toronto University Hospital. Mrs. S.D. Lazier, Convenor.”