100 Years Ago: Ad for Victor Records, School Children Donate Their Pennies

The Intelligencer June 28, 1915 (page 2)

Advertisement, Belleville Intelligencer, June 28, 1915
Advertisement, Belleville Intelligencer, June 28, 1915

“Highlanders! Fix Bayonets!—a remarkably thrilling patriotic song, on the July list of New Victor Records—on Sale TODAY. It is sung by that celebrated baritone, Edward Hamilton, on Victor Record No. 17775 together with ‘The Soldiers of the King,’ sung by Herbert Stuart,—price 90¢. Berliner Gram-O-Phone Co. Limited. Dealers in every town and city.”

The Intelligencer June 28, 1915 (page 3)

“Patriotic Efforts By School Children. Now that the schools are closing a little incident which recently occurred would not be out of place. The boys and girls of Alexandra School being desirous of showing their patriotism on Victoria Day decided to dispense with fire crackers and donate the money usually expended in this way to help the soldiers on the firing line and as a result Miss Clara Yeomans, treasurer of the Belleville Women’s Red Cross and Patriotic Association received $15.00, a contribution from the scholars of the school saved in this way.

Then Miss Fleming’s class of scholars decided to do something for the purchase of bandages and made a personal effort in saving their pennies and doing services for remuneration and gathered together the sum of $5. to be given to the Women’s Patriotic & Red Cross Association for assistance to the soldiers.

Mrs. O’Flynn was called into the school and Mr. Gordon Collins, representing the class presented her, as one of the representatives of the Women’s Patriotic & Red Cross Association, with $5. which had been saved by the children. Mrs. O’Flynn, on behalf of the Association thanked the children for their thoughtfulness and the teacher for the gift and praised the spirit that prompted the act. The happy face of the teacher and the smiling and delighted children gave evidence of their deep interest in what had been done.

The scholars of the whole school were also thanked for their kindly act in saving $15., which was donated by the school to the fund. This spirit, which permeates throughout Canadian life and is found among the school children is the one that is going to win the victory for the Empire and we are delighted that the school children have shown throughout the city such an interest in the great affairs of the Empire.”