100 Years Ago: 8th Canadian Mounted Rifles March to Belleville, Piper’s Band Precedes Regiment

The Intelligencer August 13, 1915 (page 2)

“8th C.M.R. March to Belleville. Will Arrive in City From Napanee This Evening. At 8:30 a.m. yesterday, Kingston citizens who were on Princess street, saw something which has probably never before been seen on Kingston Sts. It was the 8th Regiment, Canadian Mounted Rifles, under Lieut-Col. J.R. Munro in full war regalia on the start of a hundred mile march through the country. Every man was mounted. The men were in their shirt sleeves, and ‘business’ was the word they suggested. On each horse the rider took with him his blanket, rifle, mess-tin, water bottles and bandoliers. …

The route taken to Belleville was along Ontario street to Princess street and straight out to Napanee. At the exhibition grounds in Napanee it was planned to spend the night.”

The Intelligencer August 13, 1915 (page 2)

“Official Reception. Front street, before the City Hotel this morning, about half-past eleven o’clock, was the scene of a very inspiring series of musical selections. The musicians were the Piper’s Band of the 8th C.M.R. of Barriefield, who preceded their regiment to Belleville by train. The band includes 4 pipers and several drummers, all adepts with their instruments. The pipers, while not in Highland regalia, do not look out of place, the spurs, bandoliers and khaki serving in please of kilt and sporan.

After treating their audience to an impromptu concert the boys from Barriefield marched to their headquarters, to await the coming of their comrades.”