100 Years Ago: Thurlow Patriotic Meeting, Ad for Grape Nuts

The Intelligencer August 27, 1915 (page 1)

“Patriotic Meeting at Thurlow. One of the most interesting and enthusiastic patriotic meetings ever held in this section was that conducted under the auspices of the Queen Mary Patriotic Club which assembled in the grounds and school of the Third Concession of Thurlow on Thursday evening, the 26th inst. Under the capable leadership of their energetic President, Miss Laura Phelps, the ladies had made every provision for the comfort and pleasure of their guests, so under the circumstances it is not to be wondered at when we say all present thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Splendid music was furnished by the Foxboro band and patriotic songs were sung by Messrs. S.C. Gay and Bruce Martin, and interesting and instructive addresses were delivered. …  The meeting closed by the singing of the National Anthem and cheers for the army, navy and ladies of the Queen Mary Patriotic Club.”

The Intelligencer August 27, 1915 (page 3)

“Food for the Business Trenches. It takes the highest type of nerve and endurance to stand the strain at the battle front of modern business. Many fail. And often the cause is primarily a physical one—improper food—malnutrition. It is a fact that much of the ordinary food is lacking in certain elements—the mineral salts—which are essential to right building of muscle, brain and nerve tissue.

Grape-Nuts Food made of whole wheat and barley, contains these priceless nerve- and brain-building elements in highest degree.”

Grape Nuts advertisement