100 Years Ago: Recruiting Campaign Canvass of Belleville

The Intelligencer September 7, 1915 (page 2)

“Recruiting Campaign Canvass of the City. The executive of the Speakers’ Patriotic League and the ward committees met at the Armouries last Saturday evening. …

A resolution was passed providing for a canvass of the men of the city apparently available for enlistment through the ward committees. It is not intended that the ward committees shall use any pressure or adopt any means of persuasion. The committee has to complete the lists already prepared and find out how many on these lists are willing to enlist, handing the names to the executive.

Where a man declines to enlist the committee will endeavor to obtain his reasons as fully as possible and report the same to the executive so that, if possible, the difficulties in the way of enlistment may be removed. It is believed there are many men who would go if difficulties—financial and otherwise—could be relieved.”