100 Years Ago: Rural Recruits Billeted Locally, Christmas Shower

The Intelligencer September 28, 1915 (page 1)

“Billeting Soldiers. Ottawa. Hitherto the recruiting for the different Canadian contingents has been mostly done at large centres, and for the recruiting of the 160,000 Canadian troops at present under arms the larger centres are responsible.

In case more men are called for within a short time it is understood that an opportunity will be given for those living in the rural districts to enlist. For this purpose the system of billeting will be introduced. …  Each small village centre raising twenty men will be allowed to have the recruits billeted therein. Each incorporated village centre of a thousand upwards raising fifty men will be allowed to retain them. Each centre with a population under 4,000 raising 100 men will be allowed to have them billeted therein. Each centre of upwards of four thousand recruiting a full company of 250 men will be allowed to make the same arrangement. …

They will have to be medically fit, properly attested and their history and records up to standard requirements. The men will be uniformed through the usual channel of the district stores. …  It is felt that this system will be of particular benefit during the Winter months. The soldiers will be surrounded with home influences, which will tend to make the routine of military life less tedious for them.”

The Intelligencer September 28, 1915 (page 2)

“Christmas Shower for the Soldiers. A ‘Comfort’ Shower will be held by Mrs. W.J. Brown in Christ church Parish Hall, on Wednesday, Sept. 29th, from 4 to 6. Donations of Oxo, Tobacco, Pipes, Cigarettes, Gum, Socks, Soap, Chocolates, Christmas Cards and Playing Cards, will be gratefully received. Afternoon tea 10c, Music.”