100 Years Ago: 80th Battalion Reach Belleville, Ad for Wrigley’s Gum

The Intelligencer November 8, 1915 (page 1)

“80th Battalion Reach Belleville. Many men in khaki who have enlisted for overseas service in defence of the British Empire were to be seen upon the streets of Belleville this afternoon. This was owing to the fact that members of A and B Companies of the 80th Battalion who have been in camp at Barriefield for some time, arrived here and will remain here for some time. There were 530 all told, composing officers and men, and were under command of Lt.-Col. W.G. Ketcheson. …

The men quickly detrained and marched from the station to the barracks on Pinnacle street where they will be quartered during their stay in the city. Lt.-Col. Ketcheson led his brave soldiers, and during their route of march were repeatedly cheered by citizens who were fortunate enough to witness their arrival.

When the city hall was reached Mayor Panter approached Lt.-Col. Ketcheson and on behalf of the citizens of the city extended a hearty welcome to the officers and men and expressed the hope that their stay in the city would prove to be both pleasant and profitable. The Mayor was by the commanding officer thanked for his kind expressions.

The men then proceeded to the parade ground in connection with the barracks and were put through some manoeuvres previous to entering the building for dinner, for which, it is needless to state they were prepared. The dinner was provided by the members of the Ladies’ Rifle Club, and was all that could have been desired. Many of the ladies assisted in serving dinner and their efforts were much appreciated by the men. After dinner the men were dismissed and allowed their liberty to go about the city.”

The Intelligencer November 8, 1915 (page 7)


“The Soldiers in Europe have written home repeatedly for Wrigley’s—the Perfect Gum. Case after case has been shipped by our London office. Why? For the same reason that it helps workers at home. It quenches thirst, steadies the nerves, soothes, refreshes, benefits. A delicious aid to appetite and digestion.

Look at the sealed package. It guards the contents against air, moisture and impurity as carefully as men, machines and money can make it. It’s the Perfect Gum in the Perfect Package.”