100 Years Ago: Pat Yeomans Awarded D.C.M. for Bravery, Children Help Red Cross

The Intelligencer November 13, 1915 (page 7)

“Belleville Boy Awarded D.C.M. We have learned from a reliable source, that Bombardier (Pat) H.E. Yeomans of this city, who left with the 34th Battery, in August, 1914, has been promoted to the rank of Corporal and has also received the D.C.M. for bravery on the field at the battle of Ypres. This is the second time that he has received promotion since being at the front. The honor conferred upon him has been mentioned in order on account of the good work he has performed.

‘Pat,’ as he is familiarly called, is a son of Dr. Yeomans of this city, and his host of friends will be pleased to learn that his valuable services have been fittingly recognized.”

[Note: D.C.M. = Distinguished Conduct Medal.]

The Intelligencer November 13, 1915 (page 7)

“Children’s Red Cross Work. Miss Bailey, of school section No. 20, Thurlow, invited a Red Cross worker to visit her school and a very pleasant hour was spent with the children. Each week they have been contributing small amounts until there was a large box of coppers and silver. Advice was asked as to the investment for supplies. Material for hot water bottle covers and knitting cotton for wash clothes was supplied. The boys wished to roll bandages which will be begun. The children then added two dollars of their money to go to the Lady Jellicoe Fund for the Grand Fleet.

An interesting fact in connection with this visit was that the Red Cross worker’s father was a pupil at this school over fifty years ago and then Major Farley who is now serving his King and Country in France, was also a pupil some years ago. This work may suggest to other rural schools a very practical way of teaching patriotism and also of doing helpful work.”