100 Years Ago: Ad for Bell Telephone, Letter of Thanks

The Intelligencer December 1, 1915 (page 4)

Bell Telephone

“Enlisting! When you put a telephone in your home you enlist our staff of skilled workers in the service of your wife and family. To lighten the labors of the household, to keep the family in touch with their friends and to protect them in emergencies, the telephone is alert and ever ready, day and night. A telephone in the home is a boon at any time, but during the inclement fall and winter weather it is invaluable. Ask to-day for rates and information.

Enlist in the great army of enthusiastic home-telephone users. Every Bell Telephone is a Long Distance Station. The Bell Telephone Co. of Canada.

The Intelligencer December 1, 1915 (page 7)

“Letters From Belleville Boys At the Front. Mrs. Chas. Priory, 36 Catherine street, Belleville, has received the following letter from Lance-Corp. H.G. Seaman, who is now at the front: Dear Madam:—I now take the liberty of addressing these few lines to you as per your wish. I feel very grateful to you for the benefit derived from the warmth of a pair of nice warm socks, which I had presented to me from our Commander, in which it stated that the said socks were not an issue but a presentation, and on putting them on I found a note bearing the date of June 17, 1915, and wishing the recipient to kindly remember you.

Well, dear Madam, I can assure you that I feel very grateful to you and your society for such a kind action and will always remember your kindness, for I can assure you that such things are very much appreciated out here in the trenches on these cold nights. …

I might state that so far we have only had one man hit since we started some 2 months ago in the trenches; and now again thanking you for such a nice gift. Yours thankfully, Lance.-Corp. H.G. Seaman.”