100 Years Ago: Letter to Encourage Recruiting

The Intelligencer December 20, 1915 (page 7)

“Editor Intelligencer. Dear Sir:—Your paper has done such a lot in the past to encourage recruiting. I will ask the favor of a small space to make a few remarks.

We have at the present time two battalions in our town, the 80th and the 155th both, being practically commanded, by local officers who are well known throughout this and the adjoining counties. The 155th is a new regiment forming while the 80th has been mobilizing for the past three months and has earned for itself the name of being one of the best battalions in this division.

It is too bad to see, when walking along our streets, a number of young and eligible men standing around corners, in pool rooms and particularly patronising local concerts arranged for the purpose of aiding recruiting, with the audacity to criticise the boys in khaki and join in the patriotic songs.

I wonder if those boys, who in my opinion should be presented with the white feather, ever bring to mind the atrocities committed and being committed by the Huns and do they realize what their fate would be in the case of a German victory. No, they leave it to others to do the fighting while they enjoy their game of pool, etc. Come boys and don’t have anyone to say that you have cold feet. Thanking you in advance. I am, Mr. Editor, ONE OF THE BOYS.”