100 Years Ago: Letter of Appreciation, Recruiting Concert

The Intelligencer January 3, 1916 (page 7)

“Letter of Appreciation. The following letter has been received by the pastors of the city churches from Mr. Sharpe, the secretary of the Military Y.M.C.A., acknowledging the assistance received from the churches in connection with the Christmas dinner for the soldiers.

‘May I express through you to the ladies of your church my thanks for their assistance in the providing and serving of the Christmas dinner for the members of the 80th and 155th Battalions and returned soldiers who were in the city Christmas Day.

The more I think of the splendid provision made the more I realize my indebtedness to the ladies of the city’s churches. I am specially grateful to the ladies who represented your church on the general committee and gave so freely of their time to the undertaking. Without their help a dinner of the proportions of the one served would have been quite out of the question.

After all there is so little we can do for the men in khaki compared to what they have offered to do, that it is little wonder that everyone seemed so eager and glad to honor them in this way.

I trust the New Year may be one full of prosperity and improved opportunities for the members of your congregation.’ ”

The Intelligencer January 3, 1916 (page 7)

Recruiting Concert. At the Princess Theatre, Front St., on Sunday, two sacred concerts were given under the auspices of the 155th Battalion, C.E.F., and both were well attended. In the afternoon and evening some moving pictures were shown and some suitable vocal selections were also given.

At the evening performance, Mrs. Adelaide Secord, who is connected with the Empire Players’ Company, which played here all last week was present, and gave an appropriate recruiting address. She stated that she had a son in the fighting lines some where in Belgium and that it was incumbent upon mothers to offer and allow their sons to enlist and fight for the Allies. It was a sacrifice to do so, but the sacrifice must be made. At the conclusion of her remarks, Mrs. Secord recited in feeling manner. ‘The charge of the Light Brigade.’

Col. Adams, commanding officer of the 155th Battalion, spoke briefly in favor of recruiting and also on behalf of the Battalion, thanked Mr. Green, the manager of the house, for his kindness and generosity in giving free the house for the concerts.”