100 Years Ago: Letter from Pat Yeomans

The Intelligencer January 11, 1916 (page 3)

“The following letter has been received by Mrs. (Dr.) Yeomans from her son at the front. Belgium, December 4, 1915. Dear Mamma:—This will probably be the last letter which you will receive from us before Christmas,—if you do get it before, which I hope you will. So before I mention anything else at all, I want to wish you all the merriest possible time at Christmas and the happiest of New Year’s. Don’t let the fact of our being away bother you in the slightest, but think of us as sitting, comfortable and happy, in a cosy hut before a good fire, with nearly all we could desire, and far more than we need. …

Last week I received from Ann St. School another scrapbook with a lot of news in it. They are mighty interesting to us I can tell you, and whenever I get one it goes the rounds of the Belleville boys in the battery. It is the only news of any kind, outside of your letters, that we get of what is taking place.

There was a long description of the reception given to Ed Blaylock, and I was sure glad to see they turned out well for him. …  I was within seventy-five yards of him when he was wounded, and was with him for some time after until the stretcher bearers took him away. Terrible though his wounds were—and I have not seen anyone before or since who appeared to be in quite so bad a mess—he set his teeth and stood it, and when they were taking him off he waved his hand as though nothing was the matter at all.

Your Christmas parcels came and were certainly well fixed up and thoroughly enjoyed. Every gift as it was taken out seemed to me to be about the most thoughtful of gifts. …  Give my love to all and wishing you all the merriest Christmas. PAT.”