100 Years Ago: Another Ad for Grape-Nuts, 15th Battalion Reserve

The Intelligencer February 10, 1916 (page 2)

“A Vast Army of Workers who need sound nourishment, whether for labor of body or brain, have come to know by actual test that they can depend upon Grape-Nuts. …  Grape-nuts has a delicious nut-like flavour—is always read to eat—easy to digest, and wonderfully nourishing. There’s a Reason for Grape-Nuts.”

Grape Nuts

The Intelligencer February 10, 1916 (page 7)

“Drill on Friday Night at 8 o’clock sharp at the Armouries. The necessities of the times require every man to become trained to do his share of the protection of our Empire and the repelling of our enemies. The Militia Act requires every man between the ages of 18 and 60 to serve when called upon.

There has not been a direct order for conscription because those in command have confidence in you that you will volunteer. So if you cannot join the 155th for overseas, come down to the Armouries and join the Reserve of the 15th Battalion and get the drill.

You must either be Active, i.e., join the 155th Batt. for overseas, or on the Reserve in training by joining the 15th Batt. Reserve. It is your duty as a citizen. This applies to every man of Belleville between the ages of 18 and 60 physically fit.”