100 Years Ago: Christmas Dinner on Board Missanabie

The Intelligencer February 12, 1916 (page 2)

“A Good Christmas Dinner for the Boys. A friend in Belleville receives a menu of the Christmas dinner given to the soldiers on board the ship as follows: Bruce Kincaid, of Belleville. Canadian Pacific Railway Company (at sea Saturday), Dec. 25, 1915. Royal Mail steamer Missanabie.

A merry Christmas to all.

Breakfast—Oatmeal porridge with fresh milk; griddled liver and onions; boiled eggs, fresh bread and butter; marmalade and coffee.

Dinner—Bovilli soup; chicken; parsley sauce; corned pork; roast ribs of beef; gravey; boiled potatoes; carrots and turnips; plum pudding with rum sauce; mince pies; apples; oranges; nuts assorted; coffee.

Supper—Tarmouth bloaters; cold roast beef; mutton, Canadian cheese; pickles; jam; bread and butter and tea.

So it was not too bad after all.”