100 Years Ago: Military Y.M.C.A. Efforts

The Intelligencer February 17, 1916 (page 2)

“Military Y.M.C.A. Notes. Upwards of two hundred bound books have been furnished the Military Y.M.C.A. for use at the Barracks by the Corby Library. While most of the books are much worn, they are all complete and their evidences of much use suggests that they are amongst the most popular that have been on the book shelves. …

It looks as if the gramophone and record equipment of the 80th made possible by the Khaki Club would be pretty complete. On top of the gift of the machine and a supply of records comes an additional offer from a friend of Mr. Sharpe’s in Toronto who will pay half the price of any number of records donated for this purpose.

Arrangements are being made to play off the postponed games in the baseball league within the next week. The schedule proper closes this week and as soon as baseball finishes another line of sport will be started. Up to date only two games in the league have been defaulted. On account of guards, innoculation, etc., several games have been postponed.

Upwards of a hundred men took advantage of the bathing privileges at the Y.M.C.A. pool this morning. The N.C.O.’s class from the 155th, their band, pioneers, etc., came in along with one of the platoons from the 80th. One who has never seen the swimming pool with anywhere from twenty-five to thirty men in, has no idea of the amount of sport that can be crowded into the half hour or more they have in it.

A meeting of the athletic committee of the 80th is being held to-day to arrange for further athletics and games for the men.”