100 Years Ago: Officers Entertained, St. Patrick’s Day Observed

The Intelligencer March 17, 1916 (page 2)

“Officers Entertained. Last evening the Sergeants of the 80th O.S. Battalion, entertained their officers and officers and sergeants of the 155th O.S. Battalion to a smoking concert. That the same was a success goes without saying, for it seems a happy by-word that anything the 80th does is sure to be right.

The Colonel, upon his arrival, was given a great ovation, and the presence of Major Hamilton was acclaimed in like manner. A long, varied and entertaining programme was furnished by the Sergeants of the 80th, assisted by their own efficient orchestra, whose selections were so well chosen and effectively portrayed.

The Colonel, in his usual cheery and genial spirit, presided over the evening’s entertainment, which was only brought to a close on account of time.

That similar events will occur more frequently, was the wish of all present, but the Sergeants of the 80th Battalion have something up their sleeve and are looking for a trip across the herring pond pretty soon; in the mean time, further interesting episodes can be expected from the Sergeants of the 80th.

Many thanks are extended to Messrs. Deacon Bros. for the loan of decorations, to Messrs. Tickell Bros. for tables, flags, etc., and to the caterer, chef and assistants for their unsparing efforts in making the event an unqualified success.”

The Intelligencer March 17, 1916 (page 2)

“St. Patrick’s Day Moderately Observed. The 17th of March is a day that is dear to the hearts of all sons and daughters of the Emerald Isle. It is known as St. Patrick’s Day and today it was fittingly commemorated not only in Ireland, but the world over.

Owing to the fact that at present Great Britain is involved in a great struggle in which not only Englishmen and Scotchmen, but Irishmen are bitterly engaged, there was not that enthusiasm and buoyancy of spirit exhibited as in former years.

Nevertheless, the day was not by any means forgotten. Shamrock was much in evidence and eagerly sought after by those who desired to wear a button-hole bouquet of the beautiful green plant. At St. Michael’s church this morning an appropriate service was held in connection with the usual Lenten service.”