100 Years Ago: 224th Forestry Battalion Recruiting, Battalion Bowling League, Women’s Rifle Club Receives Trophy

The Intelligencer March 24, 1916 (page 2)

“Lieut. Schuster of the 224th Forestry Battalion, accompanied by Lieutenants Butler and Caldwell and Mr. Stone, who superintended the construction of the new Government dock here, made a very successful recruiting visit to the northern towns.

By kind permission of Conductor Vandervoort of the Canadian Northern Railway, the fast train leaving Trenton on Monday morning was named ‘The Foresters’ Special,’ on which they proceeded to Bancroft. Recruiting meetings were held there and a committee formed of the most prominent business men in town, from which there will be good results.

They proceeded from Bancroft to Maynooth and were loyally entertained there by prominent citizens. A committee was also formed which promises good results.

The Graphite Mines were visited and Mr. Foster, manager there called the men from the pits and they were addressed by Lieuts. Schuster and Butler.

They returned via slow train on Thursday and at every station the men were addressed from the rear platform of the last coach by Lieuts. Schuster and Butler.”

The Intelligencer March 24, 1916 (page 2)

“Battalion Bowling League Opens. Promptly at 6:30 last night on the Y.M.C.A. alleys, Captain Watson in the absence of Col. Ketcheson formally opened the Battalion Bowling leagues with a well delivered ball that accounted for almost all the pins on the alley.

Two leagues have been formed, number one including A. Co., B. Co., Brass Band, Machine Gun Section, and Signallers; number 2 including the Headquarters Orderly Room, the Pay Office, the Stretcher Bearers, and the Bugle Band. Excepting this week when two matches a night are being played, there will be a match every night excepting Saturdays for the next five weeks.

Prizes are being offered for the winning team, for the highest score made during the league and for the man making the highest average during the league.”

The Intelligencer March 24, 1916 (page 2)

“Lt.-Col. Ketcheson Presents Shield to Women’s Rifle Club. Through the kindness and interest of Lt.-Col. Ketcheson, commanding officer of the 80th Overseas Battalion, the Women’s Rifle Club of Belleville is in possession of a handsome shield for annual competition between the members.

The shield which is of no mean proportions measures about sixteen inches high by twelve in width. The back is of ebony surmounted on which is a fancy medallion of oxidized silver. The field of the medallion bears the figure in relief of a marksman prepared to shoot. Above the figure is engraved ‘Presented to the Women’s Rifle Club for annual competition.’ Below this superimposed medallion is a fancy oxidized silver ribbon on which is inscribed ‘By Lt.-Col. W.C. Ketcheson.’

Encircling the border of the ebony back are ten miniature sterling silver shields upon which will be engraved the name of each year’s winner. Altogether it is a very handsome and artistic trophy and one calculated to produce the keenest of rivalry among the members of the club.

The presentation is made to show Col. Ketcheson’s interest in this unique pastime of the ladies who have made the stay of the men of the 80th Battalion in Belleville so pleasant.

The following letter, which shows that while the commanding officer does not get to the Khaki Club very often, he is well aware of the splendid work it is doing, and places the right estimate on it and the multitude of interests that these ladies have; accompanies the trophy:—

Belleville, Ont. Miss M.B. Falkiner, President, Women’s Rifle Club, Belleville. Dear Madam,—I have great pleasure in presenting through you to the Women’s Rifle Club of Belleville, this shield to be held as a club trophy and shot for annually, each year’s winner’s name to be engraved on one of the small shields.

This shield is presented as a small token of my appreciation of the noble work which is being done by the members of the Club for the 80th Overseas Battalion and for the cause of King and country generally. Yours sincerely, (Signed) W.G. Ketcheson, Lt.-Col. of 80th Batt. C.E.F.”