100 Years Ago: 80th Band Farewell Concert, 155th Band Performs, Ad for Gillette Safety Razor

The Intelligencer April 5, 1916 (page 2)

80th Band Farewell

“Keep April 7 Open For 80th Band Concert. The Band of the 80th Overseas Battalion, C.E.F., have had to cancel their engagements to play in Massey Hall, Toronto, and a three days engagement in Ottawa, also several engagements at other points as they expect to proceed overseas at a very early date.

They will play their farewell concert in Belleville on Friday evening, April 7th. A crowded house is sure to greet this famous band of artists. By special request the band will repeat the popular overture ‘William Tell’ by Rossini. A great musical treat is in store for those who attend. …  The sale of seats opens tomorrow morning at Doyle’s Drug Store at 9 o’clock.”

The Intelligencer April 5, 1916 (page 3)

“Fine Concert by 155th Batt. Band. By kind permission of Lieut.-Col. Adams, the commanding Officer of the 155th Battalion, a band concert was given last evening by the Band in the Salvation Army Citadel. There was a good attendance and the programme of instrumental selections given by the band under the able guidance of Bandmaster Hinchey were thoroughly enjoyed. During the evening Bandsman Fred Burke rendered vocal selections in his usual capable and entertaining manner.

Lieut.-Col. Adams presided over the gathering, and during the programme presented pocket Testaments to five members of the band who were formerly members of the Salvation Army band, also one to Sergt. Adams, who was also a member of the local corps. The Testaments were presented on behalf of the Belleville Salvation Army corps. At the conclusion of the delightful programme the members of the band were entertained by the ladies of the Army.”

The Intelligencer April 5, 1916 (page 6)

Gillette - 155th

“The ‘Quinte’ 155th Overseas Battalion. The ‘feel’ of the snug-fitting khaki—the grip on the bayonetted rifle—the clean, invigorating, fresh-air life—the shoulder-to-shoulder comradeship of real men—these rapidly transform ordinary civilians into those Canadian troops whose deeds have astonished military Europe.

With their efficiency goes a passion for trim cleanliness. They are devotees of the razor, and strong partisans of the ‘Made-in-Canada’ Gillette. They enjoy its clean, velvety shave when they have time and toilet conveniences, and appreciate it even more when both are lacking, and no other razor could give them any sort of a decent shave.

Don’t these gallant lads deserve every comfort we can give them? Make the campaign easier for one of them at least by giving him a Gillette Safety Razor.”