100 Years Ago: 80th Battalion Band Gives Farewell Concert, Office Employment for Ladies

The Intelligencer April 8, 1916 (page 3)

“Delightful Concert by 80th Battalion Band. A delightful function! Such was the universal expression heard last night at the conclusion of the concert given at Griffin’s Opera House by the 80th Battalion Band under the capable direction of Lieut. H.A. Stares, Mus. Bach. To say that the Bandmaster has a fine band is but a mild expression, as all the members are artists without doubt. The leader, who has a thorough knowledge of music, is also intensely interested in it. He is truly sincere and conscientious in the task he has on hand. Not only in Belleville, but wherever the band has played there is nothing but praise, and the organization is certainly worthy of it.

Last night’s concert was termed the farewell entertainment of the band in Belleville, owing to the fact that the 80th Battalion will in the near future be en route overseas to do their bit for King and country. The programme presented was of such a variety as to bring out the musical talent of the organization in its truest sense. …

The final selection by the band was without doubt the climax. It was the favorite overture ‘William Tell.’ This piece of music, which is well known to local music lovers, never gets tiresome, and last night all were delighted with the manner in which it was given by the band. It was exquisitely rendered, and the applause following was justly deserved. The delightful programme concluded with the National Anthem.

During the programme Bandmaster Stares made a brief address, in which he stated that he desired to thank the citizens of Belleville for their kindness and patronage to the band. Of the members of the band some thirty-two were from Hamilton, and others from different parts of Ontario. He was sorry to be able to secure only one man in Belleville.

They came here as strangers, but had been royally received and entertained. He and the members of the band appreciated the kindness bestowed upon them. Whilst here he and the members of the band worked hard and had endeavored to do their duty. They were not only musicians, but were out to play the game, and would drill and learn to handle the rifle in order, if possible, to assist in destroying our enemies. The band had endeavored to please the citizens in every way possible, and he was pleased that their efforts had not been in vain.”

The Intelligencer April 8, 1916 (page 3)

“Office Employment For Ladies. There is such a demand for well trained women in the offices of business houses, manufacturing establishments, Government departments and banks that no intelligent, earnest woman or girl need now be unemployed. The Ontario Business College is constantly receiving applications by telegram, telephone and letter from near and far and is placing its students as fast as they graduate. We strongly recommend immediate preparation. J.W. Johnson, F.C.A., Principal; I.I. Moore, Assistant Principal.”