100 Years Ago: Private Garnet Mastin Leaving, Khaki Club Entertains 155th Battalion, Tomorrow Is Empire Day

The Intelligencer May 23, 1916 (page 2)

“Pte. Garnet Mastin Appreciated. The members of the U.W.S. Young Men’s Bible Class met last evening at the home of their teacher, Mr. S.E. Haight, and presented Pte. Garnet Mastin of the 155th Overseas Batt., with a beautiful signet ring in token of their regard prior to his removal with his battalion.”

The Intelligencer May 23, 1916 (page 2)

“At the Khaki Club, Dundas St. The Khaki Club on Dundas street, entertained the men of the 155th Battalion last night. They gave an attractive pianoforte music and singing. The performers were Mrs. McConnell, and Miss Milburn. Mr. Fred Burke sang ‘The Anvil Song,’ also ‘The Lighthouse Tower.’ His rich bass voice made the songs very much appreciated by the audience.

The choruses were also enjoyed and showed a great deal of talent among the men. At 9 p.m. refreshments were served and also enjoyed. A warm welcome, also stationery, and quiet attractive writing and reading rooms await all the men in khaki at this Club at any time.”

The Intelligencer May 23, 1916 (page 3)

“Tomorrow Is The Day. Big Day For Belleville. The machinery of organization is running smoothly, and Belleville may expect a day of unequalled enjoyment tomorrow. That is if Mr. weather man is kind to us.

The various events have been recounted so often in these columns that it is unnecessary to list them once more. However, the 155th have arranged one special event which will appeal to all lovers of the great American game, and that is the engagement of the Amateur Champion Ball team of Toronto to play the famous ‘Ontarios’ of Belleville. This will be a game worth going any distance to see.

The Harris Abbatoir team is considered the fastest amateur ball team in Ontario. But they got to show us, as the Ontarios are in fine form and will give this big team some argument. …

All we ask for now, is for that stranger, ‘Old Sol’ to pay us a visit for the day, and he’ll bring with him one of the largest crowds ever gotten together in the Bay of Quinte District. Now then, all together: for the 155th, Belleville and sunshine, the greatest success yet.”