100 Years Ago: I.O.D.E. Gives Patriotic Tea, Band Concert, Boys Trespass in Canning Factory, Grant to 155th Battalion, Marmora Soldier Returns, Belleville Council Issues Debentures for Patriotic Fund

The Intelligencer May 27, 1916 (page 1)

“I.O.D.E. Gives Patriotic Tea. At Mrs. C.M. Stork’s residence on William St. a very successful tea was given by the Quinte Chapter, I.O.D.E. on Friday afternoon, a substantial amount being realized for patriotic purposes.

Mrs. Porter and Mrs. Corby received the many guests in the drawing-room, which was prettily decorated with lilac blossoms. Several of the girls of the Chapter served refreshments in the dining-room where Mrs. Waters and Mrs. Sneyd poured tea. The musical programme was in charge of Mrs. Wilmot and was much enjoyed by the assembled guests. …

The lucky winner of the raffle was Mrs. Wills, and the prize was a beautiful quilt, made and donated by the Regent, Mrs. E. Guss Porter.”

The Intelligencer May 27, 1916 (page 2)

“Delightful Band Concert. At Victoria Park last evening the fine band in connection with the 155th Battalion gave a concert.

There was a large number of citizens upon the park and the programme rendered by the band under the capable leadership of Bandmaster Hinchey was all that could have been desired. The band played classical selections which the spectators were not slow to appreciate.”

The Intelligencer May 27, 1916 (page 2)

“Boys in Trouble. A number of boys were this morning in the Children’s Court charged with trespassing upon the Canning Company’s premises on Pinnacle St., formerly used by the 80th Battalion as a barracks, and causing damage to some labels, etc.

The Magistrate after hearing the evidence allowed the boys to go on suspended sentence. His Worship also gave them some timely advice threatening to send them away to some institution if they did not behave themselves and go regularly to school.”

The Intelligencer May 27, 1916 (page 2)

“Generous Grant to 155th Battalion. At the Belleville Cheese Board to-day Col. Adams the commanding officer of the 155th Battalion, C.E.F., addressed the members of the Board setting forth the necessity there was for a grant for regimental purposes. The colonel made an excellent appeal for assistance and asked for a grant of $500.

Mr. J. Elliott, manager of the Standard Bank, supported the grant asked for by Col. Adams, and Mr. M. Sprague also spoke in favor of the grant being made. On motion of Mr. Sandy Moore, seconded by Mr. W. Hall, a grant of $500 to the Battalion was unanimously carried.”

The Intelligencer May 27, 1916 (page 2)

“Welcomed Home. Pte. Jas. Tucker, who enlisted in Marmora and left for the front with the 21st Battalion, is home on furlough. He was wounded in the shoulder by a piece of a 40 lb. high explosive shell, but has nearly recovered from his injury. He carries the piece of shell which inflicted the wound with him and it is a formidable missile.

The members of the village council, the officers and men of the Marmora platoon and a number of other citizens met Pte. Tucker at Marmora station and welcomed him back.—Marmora Herald.”

The Intelligencer May 27, 1916 (page 3)

“Recommendation of Executive Com. At a meeting of the Executive Committee of the City Council on Thursday evening the following recommendation was adopted: Belleville, May 25th, 1916.

Recommended That we the Municipal Council of the Corporation of the City of Belleville, authorize the issuing of Thirty Thousand ($30,000) Dollars of Debentures for payment to the Canadian Patriotic Association, and other Patriotic purposes—said Debentures to be made payable in Ten Years from Date of issue, and bearing interest at the rate of __ yearly, both interest and Principal payable at the Office of the City Treasurer, Belleville, and that a By-Law be prepared at once in accordance with this recommendation.”