100 Years Ago: J. A. Dench a Bombardier, Rawdon Township Donates to Belgian Relief Fund, Hastings County Council Asked for More Money

The Intelligencer June 14, 1916 (page 2)

“Now a Bombardier. Mr. J. A. Dench of this city, who recently signed up with the 74th Field Artillery, and has since been honored with a stripe, signifying his position as a bombardier, is in town looking after the interests of his battery in a recruiting sense, with headquarters at the local Armouries.

Bombardier Dench is the first representative of his immediate family to join the colors, and his many Belleville friends will watch with pleasure his military advancement. This far he has made good, securing quite a number of additions to the 74th. Here is to his success.”

The Intelligencer June 14, 1916 (page 7)

“A Magnificent Gift to the Belgian Relief Fund. Mrs. Thomas Montgomery, wife of the popular Reeve of Rawdon Township, recently was the recipient of the following letter which explains itself: Headquarters, Belgian Relief, Toronto Women’s Patriotic League, 94 Bay St., Toronto, Ont.

Dear Mrs. Montgomery,—On behalf of the Belgian Relief Committee, T.W.P.L., I want to thank you most warmly for your splendid cheque for $470.50 from the Township of Rawdon for Belgian Relief: You should indeed be proud of the results of the canvas, and considering the constant drain on people for patriotic purposes, I think Rawdon Township did magnificently. …

You may be interested to know Canada’s 6th gift ship will sail in a few days, the ‘Gothard,’ with 197,000 bushels of wheat as well as carloads of beans, peas, etc. We can well imagine how welcome it will be. …

Canada is doing her part very well don’t you think? Of course we could do better, but I wouldn’t like to be one of those who did not try to keep busy these dreadful times.

Thanking you most warmly for your splendid support. Yours very truly, (Mrs.) Helen M. Pepler, Convenor.”

The Intelligencer June 14, 1916 (page 7)

“Patriotic Fund. Mr. D.A. McIntosh of Stirling, addressed the Council in reference to the Canadian patriotic fund. The numbers of families receiving aid is fast increasing. …

He (the speaker) had been requested to appear at Hastings County Council to ask for increased monthly grant. The way to keep the war where it is is to send more men and supply more money. It has been suggested that Hastings County give $2,500 per month for the remainder of the months for 1916. …

Mr. McIntosh stated that the number of dependents on the fund were increasing every month, and the sum expended is fast increasing. The Council adjourned until 2 o’clock.”