100 Years Ago: No. 1 Construction Battalion Recruits

The Intelligencer July 1, 1916 (page 3)

“189 Queen St., West, Toronto, June 29th, 1916. Dear Sir,—The writer noticed in the Toronto Globe of yesterday’s state that the city of Belleville is still actively interested in military proceedings, and that the possibility of raising another battalion is not remote.

There must be a lot of big husky fellows around Belleville and the Bay of Quinte district who would be an acquisition to No. 1 Construction Batt. now recruiting in Ontario, Quebec, Maritime Provinces and the City of Winnipeg.

No. 1 Construction Battalion will go overseas at the earliest possible date as the Imperial Government is in urgent need of men to assist in bridge building, road-making and general construction work. Its express purpose is to keep open the lines of communication to the trenches, and this is becoming of vital importance as advances on the Western front are contemplated.

Would it be asking too much of you to kindly insert a ‘reader’ in your valued paper. This would be greatly appreciated and should be of valuable assistance to us in our recruiting propaganda. Should this announcement elicit any attention, we would be pleased to reciprocate by using advertising space in your valued medium.

Col. Ripley, late construction engineer C.P.R. is in command and all the officers in No. 1 Construction Battalion have had valuable civil engineering experience. I include herewith some of the features of No. 1 Construction Bn. which I hope you will be able to use, also take the liberty to enclose a stamped envelope. Yours very truly, Pte. S.H. Bleakley. (No. 1 Construction Bn., C.E.F.)

No. 1 Overseas Construction Battalion is organized to assist the Imperial Government in the increasingly important work, building bridges; making roads and railroads and other means to facilitate the quick movement of troops and munitions.

This battalion is authorized to go overseas when up to strength; half the number have been recruited to date and our full quota should be secured inside of four weeks, as we have obtained permission to increase our area of recruiting activities.

All kinds of laborers are requested: Transit men, steel workers, bridge builders, etc. Men who have not enlisted previously and who have not the inclination to join infantry or artillery battalions may readily respond to our call and continue their usual avocations.”

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