100 Years Ago: Cigarette Consumption Increases, Hay Harvest Furloughs

The Intelligencer July 12, 1916 (page 1)

“More Cigarettes Used in Canada During War. Ottawa. Special—The consumption of cigarettes in Canada has been increased during the war.

In the last fiscal year the aggregate number entered for consumption at the Inland Revenue Department was 1,168,097,845, of which 86,936,545 were entered for ‘army and navy stores’; 49,000 heavy cigarettes, and 95,363 pounds of tobacco came under the head.”

The Intelligencer July 12, 1916 (page 2)

“Order for Farm Help. The original order from Ottawa dealing with farm furloughs, only dealt with furloughs for ‘plowing and seeding,’ but a more recent order deals with furlough to take part in hay harvest.

In many cases commanding officers when recruiting in country places, promised that they would allow their men to assist in farm work during harvest, until they were really under orders for overseas, and some commanding officers feel that apart from a special order that it is only fair to allow the men to go, although it affects the work of a battalion very seriously. The men have just got nicely into platoon, company, and battalion drill, and a month on the farm will change the military character of any soldier.”