100 Years Ago: Canadian Munitions Deliveries

The Intelligencer July 20, 1916 (page 1)

“Munitions Deliveries by Canadian Manufacturers Total a Million a Day. Ottawa. British orders in Canada for shells and high explosives now total nearly half a billion dollars. So far, Canada has delivered over two hundred million dollars’ worth, and at present the value of daily deliveries is nearly one million dollars. By the end of the year this will be increased to thirty-five million dollars worth per month.

The new fuse plant in Montreal is now being operated with great success, and this country can now produce for Great Britain over 20,000 completed shells per day.

The chief difficulty now is the scarcity of skilled workmen. The employment of more female labor is being urged by the Imperial Munitions Board, which is distributing an illustrated booklet regarding the training and employment of women in munition production.”