100 Years Ago: 2nd Anniversary of Declaration of War, Organize for Victory, Sister Leeky Expresses Thanks

The Intelligencer August 4, 1916 (page 4)

“Two Years Ago. To-day marks the completion of the second year of war between Great Britain and the German nation. It finds the Empire still engaged in the struggle with an unfaltering determination to fight until victory shall have been attained. …

After two years of the bloodiest war the world has known, Belgium is still in the iron grip of the foe. Poland has yet to be released from occupation by the Teuton armies. …  But the situation on every front is favorable and the Empire and its Allies are at last meeting the enemy on something approaching equal terms of preparedness. …

Details of the great conflicts are needless; they are too fresh in the memories of the world’s people. Suffice to say that Britain and her Allies, now fully prepared, are on the offensive, and as the enemy in the eastern and western zones are gradually withdrawing from their positions, the spirits of our people rise accordingly, and will continue to rise until, the enemy nations brought to their knees, a uniform cry of victory will be heard from end to end of our land.”

The Intelligencer August 4, 1916 (page 6)

Organize for Victory016“Aug. 4, 1914—War Declared. Aug. 4, 1916—Allies Winning. Organize for Victory!

The Third Year of the War calls for the organized, co-operation of every citizen of the Province of Ontario. All must help to hasten the day of final triumph. …  Thrift and Economy, and a careful consideration and preparation for our problems are essential if we would meet the present and future needs.

For further suggestions and information you are cordially requested to write at once to Albert H. Abbott, Ph.D., Secretary, Organization of Resources Committee, Parliament Buildings, Toronto. John S. Hendrie, Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario. Chairman of the Organization of Resources Committee.”

The Intelligencer August 4, 1916 (page 7)

“Expression of Thanks. The following words of appreciation have been received by the Belleville branch of the Patriotic Red Cross Association, and Belleville Cheese Board:—Richmond Whitworth and Tardwicke Hospitals, Dublin, 6th July, 1916.

Wounded soldiers in the above hospitals send their best thanks to the Belleville Cheese Board and Patriotic Red Cross Association for parcels of underclothing and special presents distributed by Dr. Balton. G.F. Leeky, Sister.”