100 Years Ago: Canada to Send Another Division

The Intelligencer August 8, 1916 (page 2)

“Canada to Send Another Division. Ottawa. The announcement in England by General Sir Sam Hughes that Canada would place two more divisions in the field was expected here and in anticipation of such an increase in our army in Flanders, about forty thousand troops now in training in Canada will be sent overseas before the middle of October.

Canada now has four divisions in Flanders and with the two others to be organized will have 250,000 men on the firing line, or the equivalent of three army corps.

There have been sent overseas 22,000 men and allowing 20,000 for wastage in killed, prisoners and permanently unfit for service by wounds and sickness, the new war organization will have 120,000 men at the front and 80,000 in reserves in England. To bring the reserves up to 100 per cent, there will be sent from Canada as soon as possible an additional 40,000 men. …

It is believed that few additional regiments will be now authorized. When the six divisions are at the front this will mean 72 infantry battalions, whose identity will be preserved. Beyond this number it is very doubtful if other battalions will be permitted to preserve their identity.

The new recruiting system being considered is to have the parent militia organization enlist drafts for the allied battalions at the front. Every one of the 72 battalions in the army in Flanders is in a great measure identified with some particular regiments and it is believed that the home regiments will be able to furnish enough partially trained recruits to keep the ranks of the regiment on service filled. Drafts for this purpose will probably consist of one hundred non-commissioned officers and men and two lieutenants.”