100 Years Ago: Canadians Moved to Somme Front

The Intelligencer August 16, 1916 (page 1)

“Canadians Moved to the Somme Front. Ottawa. The Canadians have been withdrawn from the famous blood-soaked Ypres salient, where so many sons of the Dominion have lost their lives in the past year. Word to this effect has been received by the Militia Department.

This does not mean that the Ypres salient has been abandoned nor that the Canadian troops have been withdrawn from the fighting line. As a matter of fact the Canadians apparently will now be taking part in the general British offensive, as they have been moved to the Somme district, where the great push is taking place.

The Canadians have been in the Ypres salient almost from the time the First Division landed in France. The salient will be always associated with the name of Canada, as it was here the First Division won undying fame by holding back the whole German onrush in April of 1915.

When the Battle of Verdun became serious and the British took over part of the French line the Canadians were moved to the most dangerous part of the salient, the apex, subject to a constant crossfire from three sides. The Canadian casualty list since then has been terrific.”