100 Years Ago: A Pleasant Visit to Barriefield Camp

The Intelligencer August 25, 1916 (page 2)

“A Pleasant Visit to Barriefield Camp. Sir Mackenzie Bowell, Mayor Ketcheson, J.W. Johnson, M.P.P., W.C. Mikel, K.C., and Messrs C.N. Sulman and G.A. Bennett, motored to Barriefield Military Camp yesterday and paid a visit to Col. Adams, officers and men of the 155th Battalion, and were, they inform us, right royally received and entertained.

These gentlemen speak in the highest terms of the courtesy and kindness of the Col. officers and men of the battalion in showing and explaining all that pertains to the life and duties of a soldier, from the baking of a loaf of bread to the intricacies of a hand and field grenade.

It were well, says these gentlemen, if some of the fault finders at the cost of the munitions of war to the country would study and examine the mechanism of these apparently simple instruments of warfare and the necessary machinery to manufacture them there might be less growling and fault finding.

The party informs us they made a halt on the road down and visited the Cataraqui Cemetery for the purpose of paying a visit to the grave of the never-to-be-forgotten statesman, Sir John A. Macdonald, and express no little surprise at the simple and unostentatious granite cross that marks the resting-place of one of Canada’s greatest men.”