100 Years Ago: Lieut. John G. Murray Missing, Canada’s Second War Loan, Belleville Fair

The Intelligencer September 13, 1916 (page 1)

“Lieut. John G. Murray Missing. Mr. J.W. Murray, Manager of the local Dominion Bank, received this morning the following telegram: Ottawa, Sept. 11, 1916. John W. Murray, Belleville, Ont. Sincerely regret to inform you Lieut. John Gordon Murray, infantry, officially reported missing since September 6th. Officer in charge, Military Office.

Lt. Murray is the eldest son of Mr. J.W. Murray, and enlisted at Vancouver with the Connaught Rangers. Since being at the front he has twice been wounded, and after recovering returned to active service. His many friends here will join with The Intelligencer in the wish that he may still be safe.”

The Intelligencer September 13, 1916 (page 4)

“Canada’s War Loan. A loan of $100,000,000 is being asked for by the Dominion Government. The expectation was that the amount called for would be larger, and, in fact, there is little doubt but that double the stipulated amount could be easily obtained. …

By all the evidences the people of Canada have at their command at the present time an unusually large amount of surplus capital. The war checked some forms of enterprise, notably in the line of construction. It did not check the accumulation of savings or profits. …

The Minister wisely decided that nothing should stand in the way of the moral and material gain the success of the loan would imply. The quick taking of the amount is to be desired from patriotic and public reasons. It is belief as well as trust that the subscriptions will quickly reach if not exceed the total amount.”

The Intelligencer September 13, 1916 (page 7)

Belleville Fair

“Belleville Fair. Sept. 14th & 15th and ‘Let’s All Go’!! Attraction Extraordinary for the Two Days. The Machine Gun Section of Our Own 155 Battalion, C.E.F. Will give a Demonstration of the Machine Gun as used by the Canadian Army in actual warfare, using live ammunition. …

A half holiday has been declared in the Schools, to enable the children to witness this interesting spectacle. God Save the King.”