100 Years Ago: Holloway Street Methodist Sunday School Remembers Soldiers, Jam and Marmalade Shower, Christmas Comforts for the Boys

The Intelligencer October 11, 1916 (page 1)

“Remembered the Soldiers. Sunday afternoon at the Holloway Street Methodist Sunday school, was the occasion of a remembrance of several of the members who have enlisted and are about to go overseas.

A very suitable address was read and each of the former attenders of the Sunday School, who have got into khaki, and are now with the 155th Battalion, were presented with fountain pens. Harold Coburn, Sherman Jones, James ‘Burb’ Symons, Gerald Dobbs, Frank Sills and Wilfred Vandervoort, were the recipients.”

The Intelligencer October 11, 1916 (page 2)

“Held Jam and Marmalade Shower. The jam and marmalade shower recently given by the ‘Y’ at the home of Mrs. Williams was a decided success. One barrel containing 50 jars was packed and shipped to the boys in the trenches last week.

The ‘Y’ has a second barrel about half full and they are trusting the liberality of their friends will soon complete it, so it can be shipped to the front in time for Christmas.

Over ninety yards of cheese-cloth was also received this week and is being made up into much needed comforts for those suffering the ills of trench life. The ‘Y’ is trying to do its little bit and feels very grateful to the many friends who have so generously assisted.”

The Intelligencer October 11, 1916 (page 8)

“Christmas Comforts for Belleville Boys Overseas. The Red Cross and Women’s Patriotic Association room over Adam’s Shoe Store, will be open for a week beginning Thursday, October 12, from 2 to 6, to receive donations from the public either money or from the following list: pipes, tobacco, cigarettes, chocolates, gum, candies, hard candies, oxo, prepared cocoa and coffee, sardines, playing cards and leather shoe laces.

Bring in the addresses of Belleville soldiers so each one will get a Christmas present from home.”