100 Years Ago: Portion of New Battery for Belleville, British Red Cross Appeal, Lunches for the Boys

The Intelligencer October 13, 1916 (page 1)

“Portion of a New Battery for Belleville. It will be gratifying to the citizens generally to know that during the coming winter there will be at least a number of soldiers quartered here. A new heavy artillery battery is being formed in this district and one half will be at Peterboro and one half here. Some 50 horses will arrive here shortly and a number of 18 pounder guns of the quick firing calibre, will also be brought here.

Recruits will be enlisted and we are informed that already a number of young men of Belleville have signified their intention of joining. The battery quarters in the Armouries’ premises on Church street will be utilized for recruiting purposes, also for the use of the men.”

The Intelligencer October 13, 1916 (page 5)


“Give and heal! An urgent call for help again goes forth from the Motherland’s mighty life-saving agency—the British Red Cross. The Empire is called upon to give greatly, give lovingly, give quickly, that the sick, wounded and suffering on all the battle fronts may not languish and perish in their hours of deepest need. Make ‘Our Day’ Your Red Cross Gift Day. Give on October 19th.”

The Intelligencer October 13, 1916 (page 7)

“Lunches for the Boys. The ladies of Belleville, who are members of the Argyle Chapter, Imperial Order of the Daughters of the Empire, were to-day busily engaged in preparing boxes for shipment to Kingston. The boxes contain sandwiches and fruit, which will be supplied to members of the 155th Battalion while enroute from Kingston to Halifax.

This thoughtful act on the part of the ladies will no doubt be much appreciated by the soldier boys who are going overseas.”